Generally speaking, the only time a guy from Jersey gets to share sincere affection for another guy is at that guy’s wedding or during his eulogy. Not to be confused with all of the other times when guys from Jersey share raw, unstructured emotion, such as (ticks off fingers) in…

Photo of Ken holding it down in his Westchester store

Ken Giddon is turning 60 years old today. Da fuq?

Ken Giddon is like a brother to me and at nearly twenty years my senior, probably more like a half brother from a parent’s first marriage.

People think we’re related because my last name’s Rothman, which was Ken’s maternal grandfather…

The good guys rarely get the attention they deserve. They operate with little fanfare and pyrotechnics; they’re behind the spotlight, pantomiming instructions to those on the stage. They don’t want their name on a building, or their likeness illustrated and blown up on social media, maybe just that you’ll pay…

What happens when everyone you know suddenly grows up

I’ve spent my last 12 years marketing to young, single professional men, most recently as one of the first employees at Thrillist, the company whose entire mission is focused on helping young dudes lead more fun lives.

Well a funny thing happens when you’re marketing to young single dudes for…

Michael Rothman

Co-Founder, CEO at Fatherly

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